Our Story

We are focused on building entrepreneurial curriculum, training and accelerators at a global level to support thousands in starting, scaling and sustaining their own businesses

Having built premier sponsorship and partnership programs for companies seeking to add revenue or funding to their business model and landing six- and seven-figure deals with Fortune 500 companies, we soon realized there was an undeniable problem. Individuals and small business owners did not realize the value of adding sponsorships as a revenue source, and those who did often had no idea how to properly pitch, secure and deliver a sponsorship contract. We also found that there were potential sponsors who might not know how to start a community partnership program.

Most sponsorship resources are focused on sports sponsorships. And while that is where the majority of sponsorship dollars are, sponsorship opportunities outside of sports are still a multi-billion dollar market.  With the goal of becoming the top marketplace for sponsorships and partnerships, we launched Sponor Match in 2021. An all-in-one-place, community platform with educational DIY tools as well as done-for-you-services, Sponsor Match is geared towards helping sponsor seekers and providers find each other and be successful doing it.

Our customers are our community. We’ve been where they are. If we can be the link that helps them succeed, well then that is how we as founders define success.

Our Mission:

Sponsor Match is an online marketplace which brings together Sponsors and Sponsees. We serve as a blend of education, funding, and match making platform for Corporations and Small Businesses in their journey for trusted, impactful and mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities!

Our Vision:

Our vision is to help companies grow and enhance the communities they serve, while bringing ease to the fundraising or philanthropic process. Sponsor Match does this through an online marketplace that provides education, connection and cultivation of strategic relationships.

Our Values:

  • RELIABILITY/DEPENDABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY – To be a dependable and reliable resource for our members when they need us.
  • INNOVATION – To continually evolve to be at our best. Innovation does not come from stagnation. We wish to grow and add value based on the needs of the members we serve.
  • EASE – Not meaning easy, but flow over friction, creating the path of least resistance, and comfort over burnout.
  • CONNECTION – To deliver valuable and fruitful connections. Not only from sponsor to sponsee, but also a safe community in which companies can collaborate and grow together.
  • INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY – To serve our members with the utmost integrity and transparency in all that we do. To build and keep a report of trust, that we are here to support our members and help them achieve success.

Meet Our Team

Richelle Futch headshot

Richelle Futch

Chief Executive Officer

Award-Winning Entrepreneur
Global Education Programs
Secured National Partnerships

Flossie Hall Headshot

Flossie Hall

Chief Operating Officer

Serial Entrepreneur
7-Figure Revenues


Liberty Klingebiel

Marketing & Social Media

Ready to get the tools to take your business to the next level?

The Sponsor Match method has landed sponsorships with major brands such as:

Bank of America
Boom Chicka Pop
Home Depot
Lockheed Martin
SD Padres
Topo Chico
Wells Fargo Bank