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What can you find at Sponsor Match?

Sponsor Match September 9, 2022

As a Sponsee:

  • Education
    • Teaching you how to properly prepare to pitch and land sponsors
  • Resources
    • Worksheets and downloads to work through
    • Links to external partners and videos for additional support
  • Discounts
    • Discounts to your favorite business tools
  • Connection
    • Connecting you directly to the decision-makers at the world’s leading companies. Or maybe just the owner of the local bakery down the street. 
  • Ease
    • Monetary exchange directly on our platform, making obtaining your funds faster and easier!
  • Transparency
    • Rating system which allows both Sponsor and Sponsee to rate each other to ensure the best relationship possible
  • Cultivation
    • Tools and resources to help you track your deliverables and communication with your sponsor to help continue and ensure a long-lasting relationship.